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Config::General is widely used all over the world. Here are some examples:

  • gmmusic is a music collection management system written in perl which uses Config::General to store its configuration.

  • the module is recommended on various mailinglists.

  • Symposium, a talk tool uses Config::General for storing its config too.

  • photopub, a image publication software written in perl.

  • Config::General is listed on the P5EE (Perl 5 Enterprise Environment) Component List.

  • The FAQ for the polish perl newsgroup pl.comp.lang.perl recommends Config::General for config file parsing: FAQ (13.15.).

  • The latest version (CVS version) of the W3C Markup Validator uses Config::General for parsing its config files.

  • Limacute is a web interface for mailserver configuration and uses Config::General as config file parsing backend (via Limacute::Config::File).

  • The LVS kiss project uses Config::General for config file parsing.

  • psmon is a security tool which monitors processes similar to the build-in process monitor module in nabou.

  • The penguin greetings(ecard engine) is using Config::General.

  • And a funny mention on the mailing list of MDLUG(Metro Detroit Linux Users Group): perl rocks :-)

  • nabou, a host intrusion detection system written in perl uses Config::General for its complicated configuration. nabou is the "parent" project of Config::General, which has been outsourced sometime ago of nabou.

Config::General is also in use by other perl modules:

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