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faq-system 3.6

I have made this pice of software to make it easy to manage a FAQ. The data of the faq are stored in a database. You don't need to edit html-pages to create and maintain a faq. Just edit the database, the faq-system makes the rest.

Features overview:

  • easy to use web-interface with cgi-bins. generate the faq and see the result at the same time.

  • various output formats possible, either one file per topic or one large file.

  • support for html-templates. you can use your own header and/or footer.

  • manages as many faq's as you want.

  • easy configuation. the format of the configfile is similar to the apache httpd.conf format.

  • very fast. the cgi-bins are compiled c++ programs.

  • comfortable search.cgi included.

Try it out: online demo.