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  • linux operating system

  • a c++ compiler. either gcc 2.8.x or higher or egcs 1.x.x or higher are supported. Note: gcc 2.7.x or less will not work.

  • a complete mysql database server. version 3.2x.x or higher.

  • a webserver. currently only tested with apache 1.3.4, but I am sure, you can use any other webserver.

  • gnu make.

  • gnu install.

  • root permissions.

As so many software packages for linux, this one is for free too. It is licensed under the GPL copyleft. You can modify, redistribute or use this program as you want. Feel free to change something, but don't forget to inform me via email. perhaps your changes maybe interesting for the public so I can include it into the distribution.

Complete installation and usage instruction can be found in the package.

You may also be interested in the Changelog.