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Installation is really simple, just unpack the tarball, which you have already done if you are reading this file.

The first thing is to execute the configuration script:


You can tweak the installation using some commandline flags. Use --help to find out, what can be modified. Here are the most important flags:

 --prefix        the installation path prefix (default: /usr/local).
 --localstatedir where nabou will store its databases.
 --sysconfdir    where the configuration file(s) are installed. 

The configure script also determines the location of the required binaries and looks if all required perl modules are installed. If all went well, you are ready to install:

 make install 

You may need additional perl modules which are available from your local CPAN dealer. Here is a complete list of all required modules: NabouModules.

If you have an ext2 filesystem you might also protect it using chattr which makes it immutable(read only):

 chattr +i nabou 

For the paranoid: protect it with LIDS (http://www.lids.org):

 lidsadm -A -o /root/bin/nabou -j READ 

That's all about installation :-)