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Modules required for standard operation (minimum setup):

Config::General 1.32 or above required parsing of the config file. http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Config-General

Digest::MD5 or Digest::SHA1 or Digest::MD2 , one of the above, required for file checksums http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Digest-MD5

Modules required with encrypted databases:

You might test if your system fullfills the requirements by executing the test-script rsa_test.pl.

Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA 0.12 or above required for RSA encryption http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA

Crypt::OpenSSL::Random required by Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Crypt-OpenSSL-Random

OpenSSL required by Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA http://www.openssl.org/

Crypt::CBC required for de/en-cryption of RSA keys http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Crypt-CBC

Crypt::Blowfish or Crypt::Twofish or Crypt::DES or Crypt::TripleDES , one of the above, required by Crypt-CBC http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Crypt-Blowfish

MIME::Base64 required for storing RSA keys as 7bit strings http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=MIME-Base64

Crypt::Primes required for RSA key generation (you can avoid this by using the openssl supplied usertools, see openssl(1) ) http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Crypt-Primes

Crypt::Random required by Crypt::Primes http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Crypt-Random Class::Loader required by Crypt::Random http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Class-Loader

Math::Pari required by Crypt::Primes and Crypt::Random for prime computation http://search.cpan.org/search?dist=Math-Pari

PARI/GP (pari library) version 2.1.1 required by Math-Pari (which is just a wrapper around it) ftp://megrez.math.u-bordeaux.fr/pub/pari/unix/

   NOTE: The Crypt::Primes module will not work correctly with pari-
	 versions higher as 2.1.1.
	 I notified the author, but he did not respond until today,
	 so, please avoid newer versions as 2.1.1 or check the
	 Changelog of Crypt::Primes if the bug (which it is) has
	 already been fixed.