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Netstat for Palm Pre 1.0.11

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This is an app aimed at german users of the GSM Pre using the OČ flatrate ("M Plan"). This flatrate is limited to 200 MB traffic. If you reach it your bandwidth will be limited from UMTS to GSM. However, OČ doesn't provide any app to check how far you are at the limit. Here, Netstat, comes into play.

It consists of two parts, a webOS service which collects traffic data; and the app which displays it. So far it just displays the traffic of the current month as can be seen in the screenshot. It is planned to show some nice graphs too, so you can see the traffic history per interface.

Warning: for the moment the app requires a service to be installed. This is a background process that runs invisible from the luna gui. This is required as Palm doesn't allow apps to access the /proc filesystem. I issued a feature request in the palm forum for this (unanswered so far).

To install the app, you need to enable linux access on your palm. Install Preware and from there go to System Utilities.

License: licensed under the terms of the BSD License.

Changelog Daemon:

1.0.10: fixed integer overflow and expr rounding bug, fixed prefs and db dir location bug, now it migrates old db dir if running on webos 1.3.5 or above
1.0.9: forgot the tx counter in the last update
1.0.8: Fixed 10MB bug (non counting after this) by using /sys/classes instead of proc files
Check in both old and new locations for prefs and database
1.0.7: added palm pixi support, fixed prerm script bug, added support for traffic limit flag
1.0.6: bugfix: aggregate() didnt work correctly, added history function (called on aggregate)
1.0.5: keeping track if reset have already been done(bugfix)
support forced reset by user via app preferences db
fetching startday from preferences db instead of using hardwired value
1.0.4: fixed upstart script, did not stop correctly
1.0.3: fixed respawning of daemon by upstart
1.0.2: fixed upstart script (removed start wrapper
1.0.1: renamed the daemon
moved to /usr/sbin
added check if running on moved offline-root
1.0.0: initial commit

Changelog App:

1.0.11: fiyed typo in history-assistant.js
1.0.10: fixed empty json output bug, added conditional db directory lookup to the history assistent
1.0.9: fixed bug in displaying invalid graph, set version number correctly
1.0.8: fixed path bug (same as in netstatd)
1.0.7: added pixi support, added traffic limit feature
1.0.6: Added history function, bugfix: listeners were not properly removed in cleanup()
1.0.5: added reload button to the main screen
added reset button to the preferences screen where you can reset counters manually
added preferences screen where you can configure the start day of the accounting cycle
1.0.4: fixed reload cycle and added delay for error state if daemon seems not to run
1.0.3: removed reload button, it reloads itself now
1.0.2: fixed error message if daemon is not running
fixed about message, now it mentions the daemon, not the service
1.0.1:removed lib directory (unused at the moment)
increased version to 1.0.1
fixed error message if daemon is not running to renamed daemon
fixed copyright msg
1.0.0: initial commit version


Both the daemon and the app are installable via Preware. However, you may like to install them manually (using WOQI):