PodWiki Intro

PodWiki includes a lot of features and there are many ways to do things in PodWiki. But you don't have to worry about all crazy features. PodWiki makes it very easy to begin working with it.

The very first question is: "How do I create a new page?". To understand how to create a new page you have to understand how PodWiki (like any other Wiki software) works: Everything is automatically linked together. Under normal circumstances there will never be a dead link on a PodWiki site, or pages which are not reachable via one or some more links. When a user edits a page and includes a link to another page, PodWiki checks wether the page in question exists. If it does the link to the page will be created, if not, the link will be displayed in green color and a link with a question mark will point the user to the editor form.

And that's it. Just click the question mark, enter some text, save it and you have your new page. Sounds too easy? I am sorry - but that's it, really :-)

The next thing which annoys new users to PodWiki is POD. "What the hell is POD?" and "Why shall I learn or even know this POD-thingy?". Yes, good question. The primary purpose of PodWiki is to satisfy experienced users, who know POD. Nevertheless it's of course possible to write text in a natural way. This is called WikiShorthand. PodWiki tries its best to interpret what the user wrote. No complicated tags or coding is required and any stupid human being is able to write this way, even your boss. Please note, that WikiShorthand does not support all features provided by POD.

To learn more about PodWiki go to the Help Page and follow the links to the specific topics.