PodWiki Version Control System - RCS

PodWiki uses RCS as its version control system. You can access the version information any time for every PodWiki page. Follow the InfoAboutPage link.

For every version of your page will be displayed a box. From this box you can view this particular version. Or you can restore an older version as the current version. The latter feature is very handy if some wag edited a page in an unfriendly manner.

In addition it is possible to see what has been changed between the previous version of a page. Just click on the diff .. button to view the differences. Diffs are displayed with some contextual lines before and after the change. Orange colored lines were removed and green lines were added. Gray lines are unchanged and are displayed as context.

RCS keywords

You can use all of the RCS special keywords which will be automatically substituted by RCS during checkin of a new version of a page.

Please note, that those keywords cannot be used as variable names!


Here is the list of keywords currently maintained by RCS. All times are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, sometimes called GMT).


The login name of the user who checked in the revision.


The date and time the revision was checked in.


A standard header containing the full pathname of the RCS file, the revision number, the date and time, the author, the state, and the locker (if locked).


Same as $Header$, except that the RCS filename is without a path.


The login name of the user who locked the revision (empty if not locked).


The log message supplied during checkin. For ident's purposes, this is equivalent to $RCSfile$.


The symbolic name used to check out the revision, if any.


The name of the RCS file without a path.


The revision number assigned to the revision.


The full pathname of the RCS file.


The state assigned to the revision.