Removed Pages

Pages can be removed from the PageIndex listing. PodWiki removes the page from RCS and moves it to the directory .attic/ within the data/ directory.

This enables the administrator to restore pages.

Follow these steps to restore a removed page:

Login to the webserver where PodWiki is running and move the removed page, say "SandBox" from the hidden .attic directory to the templates directory:

 mv data/.attic/SandBox templates/ 

make sure the webserver user is able to read the file in the templates directory. If unsure permit read permissions to all:

 chmod 644 templates/SandBox 

Go to your PodWiki site and login as root.

Go to the SiteAdmin page and click on the Update PodWiki Pages and Documentation link which directs you to a listing of all files within the templates/ directory.

By default all pages are selected. Just select the page to be restored, e.g. "SandBox" and click on the "Update pages..." link.

Now the restored page has been imported into the RCS revision control system.

Please note, that it has the version number 1.1 because the page has been (re-)created from scratch, which is from the PodWiki point of view an initial import of a new page. That means: RCS properties or RCS history of a file will disappear forever.