PodWiki Tools

PodWiki includes a number of tools for site and page maintenance which are described here in detail.

Page Index

The Page Index lists all existing pages of the B site. Be carefull: this can become a huge table after a while!

For every page is an Edit|PodWikiEdit and Remove|PodWikiRemovedPages link provided. Removed pages can be l.

Newest Pages

This lists the 5 lates changed pages of the whole site.

File Index

This is a listing of all uploaded files (such as images or pdf files). You are able to remove files from this listing. Removed files cannot be restored, so be carefull!


The search form provides a complete searching capability for your

It is possible to do a full text search or an index search. The latter only works if indexed pages exists.

If you are using attributes an attribute search form will be provided as well.


The editor is available for every page. It allows the user to edit a page and to change or apply attributes to a page (if attributes have been configured by the administrator).

You can upload files from the editor form.

Administrator Tools

These tools are only available (and even visible) if you are logged in as root.

Site Admin

This is the main interface for the site administrator. It allows the administrator to create or modify Users, Groups, Attributes and Variables.

It also provides a link to the Upload PodWiki Pages and Documentation tool which makes it possible to update one or more pages, especially the documentation of PodWiki itself.

Remove Comment

This is only a link, visible if logged in as root. Visit the page where the comment to be removed is posted and click this link.

User Tools

These are tools (or: internal states) usable by PodWiki users by including them in a page:


The core engine of PodWiki. This state must be called everytimes. Take a look at the AutoLoad Page which makes use of this one. If you do not include this, PodWiki will not work at all!


Display the edit bar which provides links to edit the current document and to the revision control info box.


Show the table of contents (build from all =head tags).


Show table of all pages matching an attribute. Just add the attribute/value as CGI param to the state.


Includes the comment feature to a page. The recommended position where to include this state is the end of a page. All posted comments will be displayed. Visitors are able to post new comments and it is possible to reply to a comment.

The root-User is able to remove comments. Just login as root, visit the page where the comment to be removed is posted and click the "remove comment" link.

Comments can be written in PodWikiMarkup or WikiShorthand markup.

Read the PodWikiMarkup page for more details.