PodWiki Variables
                Internal Variables
                Predefined Variables
                User-Defined Variables
                Global Variables
                RCS Variables


PodWiki Variables

PodWiki has build-in variable support. You can insert variables anywhere in your page. PodWiki automatically interpolates it to its textual representation.

A variable must begin with the dollar character.

Note: If you want to use the DOLLAR character in a Pod page, prepend it with a backslash: \$.

There are some different types of variables:

Internal Variables

Those variables are maintained by the PodWiki program itself (in fact: PodWiki::Runner). Here is the list of internal available variables:


the scriptname of PodWiki, usefull for building uri's.


the name of the current PodWikiPage.

Predefined Variables

PodWiki includes a module PodWiki::Vars which pre-defines some variable-sets.

Small Graphics Set:

/images/ascii.png $ascii
/images/attach.png $attach
/images/back.png $back
/images/bookmark.png $bookmark
/images/cancel.png $cancel
/images/cdimage.png $cdimage
/images/configure.png $configure
/images/contents.png $contents
/images/document.png $document
/images/down.png $down
/images/edit.png $edit
/images/encrypted.png $encrypted
/images/filefind.png $filefind
/images/fileopen.png $fileopen
/images/fileprint.png $fileprint
/images/filesave.png $filesave
/images/forward.png $forward
/images/gohome.png $gohome
/images/help.png $help
/images/html.png $html
/images/idea.png $idea
/images/image.png $image
/images/info.png $info
/images/lock.png $lock
/images/ok.png $ok
/images/pdf.png $pdf
/images/sound.png $sound
/images/tar.png $tar
/images/tgz.png $tgz
/images/up.png $up
/images/video.png $video

Color Variables

You can use these variables to create colored text.

The following foreground color variables are defined:


$END is a special variable, it resets the color to the default color.


 $RED red text $END 

red text

You can use the same colors for background too, just prepend the variable name with a B_, e.g. $B_AQUA. You can intermix foreground and background colors, this way you can create any combination of colored text.


 $GREEN $B_AQUA green on aqua text $END $B_END 

green on aqua text

User-Defined Variables

The user can define any nymuber of variables in a =begin options block. Any valid configuration statement can be used inside the page as variable. Eg:

 =begin options
 hr    = <hr size="1">
 width = 100%
 =end options 

This defines two config options: hr and width. PodWiki will ignore there options, but they are available for interpolation in the page as $hr and $width.

Global Variables

Additional variables can be defined by the administrator (root) of PodWiki via the Site Admin page. Just add a variable name and then add a value for this variable. The editor of a page can use such variables using the same dollar notation as for predefined variables.

RCS Variables

There are some special keywords which are used by the RCS version control system and will be automatically substituted when a page gets checked in. Take a look at the PodWiki RCS documentation for more details.