Current projects of note

Pretty Curved Privacy (C)

Pretty Curved Privacy is a commandline utility which can be used to encrypt files. pcp1 uses eliptc curve cryptography for encryption (CURVE25519 by Dan J. Bernstein).

Crypt::PWSafe3 (perl)

Crypt::PWSafe3 is a perl module which can be used to access (create, read, modify and write) from and to Password Safe v3 database files.

Config::General (perl)

Config::General is a perl module which can be used to parse config files of any complexity. It supports among a lot of other things: variable interpolation, tree-like structured configs, saving a modified config file, include files. It can even parse apache config files.

udpxd (C)

UDPXD is general purpose UDP relay/port forwarder/proxy.

Data::Interactive::Inspect (Perl)

Data::Interactive::Inspect - is a perl module for interactive inspection of perl data structures.

The command line tool dbmdeep uses it to interactively maintain a DBM::Deep database.

AS12316 (BGP)

I am the primary maintainer of AS12316.

FreeBSD Virtualization (Administration/Shell)

Internal project to implement a cloud-like structure based on FreeBSD jails. The system consists of more than 50 servers and hosts more than 900 services responsible for customer websites, databases, proxies and the like.

Jobmanager (Perl)

Internal project to implement an event based automation framework. The systems currently serves a couple of customers, mostly used for data transfers.

DDOS Mitigation System (Administration/Perl)

Internal project to implement an additional layer of protection against DDOS attacks. The system consists of a couple of servers directly connected to backbone routers with trunks. It is possible to redirect traffic for one or more destinations on the backbone to those systems. A filter framework is then available with wich the traffic can be filtered based on geographic characteristics (e.g. deny all traffic from russia or allow only traffic from german speaking countries ).

Remote Control (Perl)

Internal project. Rctrl is a secure system with which customers can control their services without being required to have a login with root privileges on those services. All traffic is encrypted (it uses modern crypto with Curve25519 with PFC support).

Past projects of note

DigiProof (JS)

DigiProof - is a javascript standalone app which helps to generate and maintain a testament for your online assets, such as social network accounts, email and such. I've written a german blogpost about it as well.

PCRE++ (C++)

PCRE++ - a C++ wrapper-class for the great library PCRE. (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions), which is available on by Philip Hazel.

This class allows you to use perl alike regular expressions in your C++ applications. You can use it to search in strings, to split strings into parts using expressions or to search and replace a part of a string with another part.

VPN-Gate Wrapper (Perl)

VPN-Gate Find - is a command line script which makes it easy to establish a vpn to a VPNGate Node using OpenVPN. Description is in german only, sorry. However the script itself has an english usage text and is otherwise self explanatory.

Google News Tag Cloud (Django)

Google News Tag Cloud is a long term project which monitors german google news top search words, tags and top news sources and renders statistics about it. Raw data for each month is available.

Desert Terrarium (Crafting)

Self constructed desert terrarium for bearded dragons, including self made electronics (light controlling, sensors, statistics etc). (Joomla/SMF)

Built a community platform for a non-profit organization. (Django/Linux/Asterisk)

Freelance lead developer django/python for german start-up company. App enhancements, security implementation, system administration.