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subst - commandline tool to replace file contents or file names

This script can be used to replace something in a file by using perl regular expressions. It can also be used to rename files based on regexes.


 subst  [-M <perl module>] [-t] -r 's/old/new/<flags>' [ -r '...', ...] [<file> ...     | /regex/]
 subst  [-M <perl module>] [-t] -m 's/old/new/<flags>' [ -m '...', ...] [<file|dir> ... | /regex/] 

If is -, STDIN will be used as input file, results will be printed to STDOUT. -t does not apply for STDIN input.

Substitution regex must be perlish. See 'perldoc perlre' for details.


 -r        replace contents of file(s)
 -m        rename file(s)
 -M        load additional perl module to enhance /e functionality.
 -t        test mode, do not overwrite file(s) 


replace "tom" with "mac" in all *.txt files:

   subst -r 's/tom/mac/g' *.txt 

rename all jpg files containing whitespaces:

   subst -m 's/ /_/g' '/.jpg/' 

decode base64 encoded contents

   subst -M MIME::Base64 -r 's/([a-zA-Z0-9]*)$/decode_base64($1)/gem' somefile 

turn every uri into a link

   subst -M "Regexp::Common qw /URI/" -r 's#($RE{URI}{HTTP})#<a href="$a">link</a>#g' somefile 


Copy subst to $HOME/bin/subst, that's all. No additional perl modules are required.



Copyright (c) 2002-2015 - T.v. Dein