Note to self: portable pkg-* Aliases

Always bored to remember those:

  • ArchLinux

    alias pkg-search="pacman -Ss"
    alias pkg-add="sudo pacman -S"
    alias pkg-info="pacman -Qv"
    alias pkg-files="pacman -Ql"
    alias pkg-list="pacman -Sl"
    alias pkg-which="pacman -Qo"
    alias pkg-depends="pacman -Si"
    alias pkg-depends-reverse="pacman -Sii"
    alias pkg-delete="sudo pacman -Rs"
    alias pkg-upgrade="pacman -Syu"
    alias pkg-update="pacman -Sy"
    alias pkg-download="pacman -Sw"
    alias port-search="yaourt"
    alias port-add="yaourt -S"
    alias port-update="yaourt -Syua"
  • Ubuntu

    alias pkg-search="apt-cache search"
    alias pkg-add="sudo apt-get install"
    alias pkg-info="dpkg"
    alias pkg-depends="apt-cache --no-pre-depends --no-recommends \
                       --no-suggests --no-conflicts --no-breaks \
                       --no-replaces --no-enhances --installed depends"
    alias pkg-depends-reverse="apt-cache --no-pre-depends --no-recommends \
                               --no-suggests --no-conflicts --no-breaks \
                               --no-replaces --no-enhances --installed rdepends"
    alias pkg-delete="sudo apt-get --purge autoremove"
    alias pkg-key="sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys"
  • VOID Linux

    alias pkg-files="xbps-query -f"
    alias pkg-list="xbps-query -l"
    alias pkg-info="xbps-query"
    alias pkg-update="xbps-install -S"
    alias pkg-upgrade="xbps-install -Syu"
    alias pkg-add="xbps-install"
    alias pkg-search="xbps-query -Rs"
    alias pkg-which="xbps-query -Ro"
    alias pkg-delete="xbps-remove -R"
    alias pkg-depends="xbps-query -x"
    alias pkg-depends-reverse="xbps-query -X"