This is an update to my previous posts about the Kreela universe by Michael R. Hicks.

Today I completed the second book of the trilogy set out in the past of the Kreela race, which describes the rise of The First Empress, Keel-Tath a femal warrior with crimson tales and white hair: Forged In Flame.

It continues the story of her and what a fascinating one. She lefts the order of the Desh-Ka in dishonor and flees from the Dark Queen, who hunts her. During her adventurous escape Keel-Tath gains more and more power and learns a lot about her capabilities. Finally she, who always didn't believe that she's the one to fullfil an ages old prophesy to lead her race to a new era, starts to believe it.

The story is fast to read, actually it took me only 4 days or something. You get sucked into the vast Kreela universe, into the species, how they think and stuff. It's amazing.

The only drawback is that I'm now condemned to wait til winter 2013 for the last book of the trilogy. What a pity :)

Once more, Mr. Hicks, I bow my head in honor. Thanks for this.