Unpack the tar-ball and issue the command:

% perl Makefile./p

It will ask you a few questions about file destinations. The script will find itself the proper destinations for the files. So, if you agree with it, simply press ENTER. However, you may decide to use other destinations. In this case, enter it, when asked. This maybe usefull, if you are installing it in your ome-directory and if you are not root!

For installation instructions for the mysql database installation see mysql/ README.

If want to use another SQL database, i.e. postgresql then set the option "DbDriver" to the name of the responding DBI-driver and create a symlink of this name like this:

/usr/lib/perl5/siteperl/NOTEDB % ln -s

The functionality is the same, but not the name!

The default binary file backend does not need any special installation procedure, you need only to spceify a filename in your config file.

The DBM backend(NOTEDB::dbm) requires the existence of a directory, which you must specify in your config using the option "DbName".

If you want to make use of the history funcionality and auto-completion you need also to install Term::ReadLine and optionally Term::ReadLine::Gnu.


This version of note doesn't neccessarily need a configuration file. But you can have one and change some default values. Take a look to the file config/ noterc provided with this tarball. There are detailed instructions about every available parameter.

Simply copy this file into your home-directory and name it .noterc If you decide not to use the default database backend (a binary file), you will *need* a configuration!