upgrade from previous version of note to 1.0.x

In any case: BACKUP your existing note database!!!!!!! The format has not changed, but some default values (see the new config file-sample). Use this command to save your note database with your *old* version of note:

"note -D"

This works with both the mysql and the binary version.

You need to reedit your configfile. Please refer to the sample config in config/noterc.

This version of note has now encryption support build in. If you decide to use it, you need to re-initialize your note database. That's why, because your current database is unencrypted and *if* you want to secure your data, you need to secure everything. That means, your existing data must be encrypted before you can use this new capability!

Follow these steps:

  • backup existing db:

    % note -D

  • backup the db:

    % cp .notedb or (for mysql users!): % cp -r /usr/local/mysql/data/notedb ~/

  • go into note and delete all existing notes:

    % note -d 1-20 (or however)

  • now upgrade your note installation:

    % perl Makefile.PL; make install

  • re-configure note. Turn $USE_CRYPT on by setting it to "YES".

  • re-initialize your database:

    % note -I note.dump.2323 (or whatever)

  • note will prompt you for a passphrase. It will be used by Crypt::CBC for encrypting your data.

    From now on, your data is encrypted. You will need the passphrase you set above for decrypting it! So - don't forget it!