Compile and install the library using the following commands:

% ./configure % make % su # make install # ^D %

If you are having problems compiling pcre++, try suppliying some flags to the configure script, for example the location of the pcre library or it's headers. Try ./configure --help for a summary of all available options.


If you want to use this class library you have two choices: Either you compile and install it as usual and link your binary against it:

  g++ -c yoursource.c `pcre-config --cflags` `pcre++-config --cflags`
  g++ yoursource.o `pcre-config --libs` `pcre++-config --libs` -o yourprogram


The class API documentation is available as a unix manpage. To read it, type:

man 3 Pcre

You can also read the documentation online.

Read the ChangeLog to see what has been changed.