leo 1.40 (WWW:Dict::Leo::Org)

This is a small yet powerfull commandline frontend to the online dictionary on http://dict.leo.org written in perl. It is written as a standard perl module and can thus also be used from a regular perl script.

It acts like a browser, it takes a term as argument and requests a translation from the dictionary site via HTTP and displays the result in your terminal window. Such kind of software is widely known as spider.

leo features most of the configuration options which are available on the dictionary site and supports highlighting of the searched term within the displayed results.

Beside leo includes a caching feature which stores terms and translation results on your disk. If you request a known term, no HTTP connection will be made. Of course this feature can be turned off via commandline or in the configfile.

leo supports http proxy with optional authentication.

See a screenshot of leo in action.

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