dicepwgen - A diceware password generator

dicepwgen generates a diceware password using a dictionary file. By default it uses pseudo random dice tosses, but it is also possible to use real dices and enter the numbers by using the option -t, which is the most secure way to generate diceware passwords.

The option -c can be used to tweak the number of words to output. The options -l and -m can be used to tweak minimum and maximum word length.

You can tell dicepwgen to use another dictionary file with the option -f.

The program only uses words which contain 7bit ASCII letters (a-zA-Z), which are easier for password usage anyway.


Dicepwgen source code is available on Github.

This software doesn't have any external dependencies, but you need either BSD make or GNU make installed to build it.

First you need to check out the source code. Skip this, if you have already done so:

    git clone git@github.com:TLINDEN/diceware.git

Next, change into the newly created directory 'diceware' and compile the source code:

    cd diceware

Although dicepwgen has an option to specify a dictionary file on the commandline, there's also a built-in default. This default can be modified during compilation, e.g.:

    make DICTFILE=/usr/local/share/dict/german.txt

To install, type this command:

    sudo make install

This will install the binary to $PREFIX/sbin/dicepwgen and the manual page to $PREFIX/man/man1/dicepwgen.1. You can modify $PREFIX during installation time like this:

   make install PREFIX=/opt


    Usage: dice [-tcfvhd]
    -t --humantoss            Asks interactively for rolled dices
    -c --wordcount     Number of words (default: 4)
    -f --dictfile   Dictionary file to use (default:
    -l --minlen        Minimum word len (default: 5)
    -m --maxlen        Maximum word len (default: 10)
    -n --dontjump             Use all words in the dict file, e.g.
                              if it is an original diceware list
    -d --debug                Enable debug output
    -v --version              Print program version
    -h -? --help              Print this help screen

If you want to generate a truly random diceware password, use the option -t. In that case you have to roll physical dices and enter the results (dicepwgen will ask you for them).

I also wrote a blog entry about dicepwgen.

Getting help

Although I'm happy to hear from dicepwgen users in private email, that's the best way for me to forget to do something.

In order to report a bug, unexpected behavior, feature requests or to submit a patch, please open an issue on github.


This software is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.