Welcome to daemon.de

Welcome to daemon.de

I maintain a couple of software projects including:

  • Pretty Curved Privacy (pcp1) is a commandline utility which can be used to encrypt files. pcp1 uses eliptc curve cryptography for encryption (CURVE25519 by Dan J. Bernstein).

  • Crypt::PWSafe3 is a perl module which can be used to access (create, read, modify and write) from and to Password Safe v3 database files.

  • Config::General is a perl module which can be used to parse config files of any complexity. It supports among a lot of other things: variable interpolation, tree-like structured configs, saving a modified config file, include files. It can even parse apache config files.

  • PodWiki is a wiki tool I wrote years ago in perl primarily for use on this site, where it still runs (so you're looking at it right now). It uses perl POD as its primary wiki language but also supports other dialects as Twiki or MarkDown.

  • note is a handy commandline tool written in perl to maintain notes or any other type of textual information. It supports a wide variety of storage backends, the latest one being a backend for the Password Safe v3 encrypted database format. Since note supports encryption you can use it to maintain your passwords as well.

  • dbtool is another commandline utility, which can be used to store key/value paired data in a binary database. Since the database is binary (GDM or BerkeleyDB) it can have any arbitrary size. dbtool is aimed for use in shell scripts but can also be used by the average user.

  • TerraDuino is a terrarium controller I developed, built and coded. It is based on the Arduino, the software is written in C++. It features a webinterface and a console interface and is able to control up to 7 220V channels using automated programs following sunrise and sunset and sensors. Please note that the TerraDuino documentation is only available in german.

Please go to the Software overview page, to learn more about my work and my other projects.

If you need help, you may Contact me directly.

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Latest blog posts (german only):

03.08.2017 17:24 Emacs lisp: which key was pressed?:

Emacs lisp: which key was pressed?

17.07.2017 10:37 autoscratch - solve the *scratch* buffer problem - Updated 17.07.2017 21:53:

new emacs major mode for scratch buffer

13.07.2017 19:24 csh sensible defaults:

csh sensible defaults

08.06.2017 11:19 Render current HTML buffer with EWW:

Use EWW to render HTML

14.05.2017 20:12 Finlay:

Willkommen Finlay

daemon.de News

04.02.2014: New version of leo (1.37) and Pretty Curved Privacy (0.2.0) published.

03.07.2013: New versions of Config::General, note, Quietly::Confident, Pod::S5 and Data::Validate::Struct.

10.05.2013: In unserer Ferienwohnung sind im Juni und August noch Plštze frei!

02.01.2012: New version of note: 1.3.8. Now with support for password safe v3 database files.

30.08.2011: Development and support on webos (palm pre) stuff ceased.

02.03.2011: I ported the OpenBSD version of netcat to windows/cygwin: Netcat.

01.12.2010: Config::General Update auf Version 2.50.