So today I stumbled upon a dns config problem on my new XPS 13: I had a typo in a url and came up on, which is being operated by Telekom. They intercept non-resolving dns queries and redirect them to some kind of search page. Very annoying and also I don't like being monitored like this.

So I wanted to change dns servers, opened up /etc/resolv.conf only to see, that one shall now modify the file directly. So I googled how to change it. Yes, really! I googled how to change dns servers on my notebook. But that's not the weird thing I wanted to tell. This is:

Askubuntu: How do I add a DNS server via resolv.conf?

There's not just 1 way to do it, there are multiple ways and people didn't even agree which one would be the best. What had I let myself in for?