_pcp_ctx_t Struct Reference

PCP context object. More...

#include <structs.h>

Public Attributes

char * pcp_err
 last error message. More...
byte pcp_errset
 indicates if an error occurred. More...
int pcp_exit
 exit code for pcp commandline utility More...
int verbose
 enable verbose output More...
 hash containing for keys More...
 hash for keys. More...
pcp_keysig_t * pcpkeysig_hash
 hash for key sigs More...

Detailed Description

PCP context object.

Holds error state and key hashes.

Definition at line 192 of file structs.h.

Member Data Documentation

char* _pcp_ctx_t::pcp_err

last error message.

retrieve with fatals_ifany()

Definition at line 193 of file structs.h.

byte _pcp_ctx_t::pcp_errset

indicates if an error occurred.

Definition at line 194 of file structs.h.

int _pcp_ctx_t::pcp_exit

exit code for pcp commandline utility

Definition at line 195 of file structs.h.

pcp_key_t* _pcp_ctx_t::pcpkey_hash

hash containing for keys

Definition at line 198 of file structs.h.

pcp_keysig_t* _pcp_ctx_t::pcpkeysig_hash

hash for key sigs

Definition at line 200 of file structs.h.

pcp_pubkey_t* _pcp_ctx_t::pcppubkey_hash

hash for keys.

Definition at line 199 of file structs.h.

int _pcp_ctx_t::verbose

enable verbose output

Definition at line 196 of file structs.h.

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