Current projects of note

Past projects of note

  • DigiProof (JS)
  • DigiProof - is a javascript standalone app which helps to generate and maintain a testament for your online assets, such as social network accounts, email and such. I've written a german blogpost about it as well.

  • PCRE++ (C++)
  • PCRE++ - a C++ wrapper-class for the great library PCRE. (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions), which is available on by Philip Hazel.

    This class allows you to use perl alike regular expressions in your C++ applications. You can use it to search in strings, to split strings into parts using expressions or to search and replace a part of a string with another part.

  • VPN-Gate Wrapper (Perl)
  • VPN-Gate Find - is a command line script which makes it easy to establish a vpn to a VPNGate Node using OpenVPN. Description is in german only, sorry. However the script itself has an english usage text and is otherwise self explanatory.

  • Google News Tag Cloud (Django)
  • Google News Tag Cloud is a long term project which monitors german google news top search words, tags and top news sources and renders statistics about it. Raw data for each month is available.

  • Desert Terrarium (Crafting)
  • Self constructed desert terrarium for bearded dragons, including self made electronics (light controlling, sensors, statistics etc).

  • (Joomla/SMF)
  • Built a community platform for a non-profit organization.

  • (Django/Linux/Asterisk)
  • Freelance lead developer django/python for german start-up company. App enhancements, security implementation, system administration.