I published a new perl module: Data::Interactive::Inspect, which provides an interactive shell which can be used to inspect and modify a perl data structure. The module is the backend for dbmdeep, a DBM::Deep command line manager.

I made a short video to demonstrate the capabilities of the module:


So, basically, you can use the module like a command line database client of some sort, browse the structure and change all aspects of it. There are a couple of scenarios where this capability might help.

Say, you develop a software for systems management at a customer. Your possiblities for debugging are limited, something is awkward and you need to know what the software writes to the DBM::Deep database. With dbmdeep, which uses this module, the customer would be able to look at it himself and he would even be able to remove invalid entries.

Another example: lets say you want to feed a perl software, which uses a DBM::Deep database, with data from the outside and the program you have to use is written in python. Then the python script could just generate a YAML file and use the 'dbmdeep' command line tool to import this into the database.